DenimTornado2014-09-11 14:42:33
DenimTornado, 2014-09-11 14:42:33

Angular - do you need routing, or should the scheme be different?

Good afternoon!
There is a one-page application - a feed of news. There is a "Show more" button. Initially, I draw 5 news items per page when loaded with $http.get(/feed). The question is, how to organize additional loading of data, given that backs give the next page something like /feed/2?
I read about routes, but they won’t help me along the way, I just need to get a model, views are not needed.
As I see it, when you click on the button, you need to call a service that passes the ID of the next / previous page to the controller, and the controller accordingly receives the model via $http and draws the view.
The question is how to organize this using angular?
Thanks in advance!

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TekVanDo, 2014-09-11

it all depends on the requirements. The easiest option is to create a service and a method that will take a "page number" and return a list of models, store the current page in a variable. The call code will look something like this

this.modelCollection = [];
this.page = 0;
this.loadMore = function(){
  //тут склеиваем данные в  modelCollection 

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