Dmitry2017-07-19 03:41:36
Dmitry, 2017-07-19 03:41:36

Angular-cli vs Angular-seed - which is better?

For Angular developers, there is a tool called angular-cli. But you can also start a project using ready-made seed projects - here are the two highest rated ones that I found
Judging by the number of stars and the frequency of commits, projects are popular and constantly evolving, and this confuses a novice Angular developer - which is better to choose?
What motivates people to use seed instead of the official cli?

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GTRxShock, 2017-07-19

They appeared at a time when there was no cli, and moreover, as a rule, on the basis of some kind of training course.
When Angular officially released john papa's style guide, it became easier and more productive to learn it and work with cli. Now I glanced through the seed projects, it seems that they put things in order in architecture, but no. :)
It’s more useful to understand why the guys from Angular recommend doing it this way and not otherwise, especially since the cli covers almost all needs (a sufficient level of customization for both development and production builds). Why are they still using it? Habit is second nature ;)
ps https://angular.io/guide/styleguide and go

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