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Valentine, 2018-11-20 15:28:38

Angular cli: how to add angularjs component styles to ngUpgrade hybrid project?

Welcome all!
Right now I'm busy translating to a hybrid angular/angularjs project. And I ran into a problem with importing styles.
For example, a simple angularJs component:

import template from './simple.html';
import controller from './simple.controller.js';

import './simple.less'; // <-- Look at

export const SimpleComponent = {

In this case, I expect styles to be extracted from a file and then added to projects. Before switching to angular-cli all the magic worked because of 'MiniCssExtractPlugin'.
If I write components in angular:
  selector: 'app-simple',
  templateUrl: './simple.html'
  styleUrls: ['./simple.less']

That all styles are added correctly. Similarly, if I add styles via:
angular.json -> (путь) projects.projectName.architect.build.options.styles 
"styles": [ "src/assets/styles/index.less" ]

The styles are also picked up.
Now I see 2 ways to solve the problem (the first one does not work or I misunderstood it, the second one I will use as a last resort):
1) Add "extractCss":true option to angular.cli -> projects.projectName.architect.serve .options. But it doesn't work. I opened an issue on github about "extractCss" : . But maybe I don't really understand what "extractCss" means and am mistakenly delegating 'MiniCssExtractPlugin' functionality to it?
2) Create 'app.less' in 'src/app' folder and add all component styles there via '@import' less , i.e. :
@import './main/components/simple/simple.less';
@import './main/components/awesome-input/awesome-input.less';
@import './main/components/awesome-button/awesome-button.less';
@import './main/components/awesome-scroll/awesome-scroll.less';

Then add this file to
angular.json -> (путь) projects.projectName.architect.build.options.styles 
"styles": [ "src/app/app.less" ]

But in this case, I think that this is an overhead for this task, and I'm missing some detail.
Thank you for your attention)

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