Sergey Gladyshev2018-02-19 05:32:27
Sergey Gladyshev, 2018-02-19 05:32:27

Angular. Basic provisions and concepts, as well as key differences between versions on the fingers. Where to read?

Good afternoon. When learning Angular, I re-read a bunch of articles on Habré, documentation and some other sources. But I want to find a source where all the basic provisions and concepts of the framework will be stated in an accessible form, moreover, covering all versions and highlighting the key differences between them. Is there a similar source online?

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ValeraValera, 2018-02-19

Angular 5 great post on Habré about your question
Amazing Angular
Architecture Overview
The Core Concepts of Angular
Major differences between Angular 1 vs Angular 2 v...
Comparison Between: Angular 1 Vs Angular 2 Vs Angular 4 Angular

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