InoY2015-06-02 12:35:56
InoY, 2015-06-02 12:35:56

Angular and Yandex.maps: why is the map shifted?

I got a support site on Angular. I must say right away that I am not in the tooth with my foot. There was a need to install Yandex.maps there. I used two libraries once and twice and on both I got the same result: the maps are shifted to the upper left corner and the initially set scale does not work. The center of the map is also shifted to the upper left corner. However, the map reacts to window resizing and displays normally after it (besides the fact that geocoordinates work fine only with the second library).
Actually my website . Maps are on the last slide "contacts".

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Valentin Dubrovsky, 2015-06-05

This is probably not an answer, but advice. To implement your task, you most likely do not need to pull the entire api of the modules, so just create a directive for the map, and implement everything yourself. Here is the ya map api sandbox - https://tech.yandex.ru/maps/jsbox/2.1/

Sergey Gavrilov, 2015-06-02

Most likely (guessing on coffee grounds), because during map initialization, the size of the element it is added to is 0px x 0px

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