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Artificial intelligence
deleted-mezhevikin, 2011-02-13 20:21:38

akinator.com algorithm

What algorithm does ru.akinator.com use ?

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Sergey Savostin, 2011-02-13


Riateche, 2011-02-13

There is a list of questions with answers. There is a list of characters. For each character, the correct answers to questions are entered into the database. When a user answers a question, some characters are discarded because the user's answer does not match the answer for those characters. Then a random question is selected, the answer to which may exclude some other characters. As a result, one option remains. If there are no options left, an option is searched for that would fit if the user gave the wrong answer once. Etc.

Aspire89, 2011-02-13

fuzzy logic

try4tune, 2011-02-13

Now a large percentage of guessing is due to the accumulated huge base of characters. And the algorithms have already been told.

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