Alexander2014-04-23 20:19:13
Alexander, 2014-04-23 20:19:13

Ajenti or Vesta Control Panel?

You need to install a free panel on VDS.
The choice is between Ajenti and Vesta Control Panel.
There are no reviews. Share your impressions, who used what.

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Stanislav Ezersky, 2015-03-16

I use Vesta. I set up the server once and don’t touch it anymore (I use it to develop websites).
Web server and Nginx out of the box
DNS server
Database server (MySQL with PostgreSQL installable)
Mail server and FTP server
SSL certificates and SNI
Configuration templates
DKIM support
Easy update
System monitoring
Simple GUI (but ugly)
Powerful CLI and API
Secure platform
GPL v3
Auto-Upgrade License
Yes, it's ugly, but it's functional.
What is the panel for?
Here is an article comparing panels

Denis Verbin, 2015-02-23

Now Vesta is a completely self-sufficient web panel.
Would highly recommend.
At the same time, Ajenti died without gaining the necessary functionality.

Nazar Mokrinsky, 2014-04-23

I used quite a bit of Ajenti - it seems like nothing is a panel, you can use it.

Puma Thailand, 2014-04-23

both panels are rather miserable
vesta so in general some kind of alpha without docks
at least the adzhenti has documentation

FeNUMe, 2014-04-24

Ajenti - beautiful, comfortable, constantly evolving. But I would not call it stable, because so far the good old webmin has not been abandoned.

arkanum, 2014-12-07

Vesta is wretched, minimal, comfortable. What do you want from free.
Didn't see the ro.hoster offered by Ajenti

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