Jeket2014-02-04 18:37:07
Ruby on Rails
Jeket, 2014-02-04 18:37:07

Ajax uploading large (large resolution) images to the site. Why is the connection lost?

I upload a large image on the site using ajax and paperclip, the connection is reset. I'm testing on various resolutions - up to 2500 x 2500 everything loads normally, as soon as the picture is larger, a timeout occurs.
How to solve the problem? How to increase the image processing timeout somehow?

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Egor Shchapov, 2014-02-04

But it's definitely ajax?)) Maybe it's the incorrect configuration of nginx? Try to increase the connection time for nginx or even change its mode of operation, with correct configuration there should be no problems even when working with 10-20mb photos or more

Jeket, 2014-02-04

Thanks, that was indeed the problem.

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