Vladimir Suvorov2016-12-12 19:19:42
Vladimir Suvorov, 2016-12-12 19:19:42

Ajax + text.txt encoding not working?

There is a text file, it stores ( Russian text (The whole problem is in Russian ... If anything, it cannot be replaced with another language ..). When collecting information using ajax, responseText returns hieroglyphs ... Of course I will provide the code ... Maybe someone -someone encountered such a problem, and knows the solution??

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ProjectSoft, 2016-12-12

In .htaccess
The text file itself is naturally encoded in UTF-8

Jony1337, 2016-12-12

Enter the text into the database, from where you can also get it via ajax , just set the encoding to utf8 there.
If this does not suit you, then put both the .txt file and the file in which the utf8 encoding code can help

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