Alexander Sobolev2020-01-25 21:41:08
Alexander Sobolev, 2020-01-25 21:41:08

ajax svg processing. How to do it right?

There is a function that loads an svg file into the wordpress backend layer and then loops through it. In the loop, there is a check for a match between the id of the svg element and the array element. If there is a match, jQuery changes the element's fill attribute to red.
The problem is that visually the style "rolls back" to its original state. For a fraction of a second, showing a red fill, the element turns white again. At the same time, the same function "in the front" works correctly

function get_rented_objects(url){
    var vectors=["Vector_16","Vector_4"];
    jQuery(".svg-container").load( url );
      var id = jQuery(this).attr('id');

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