Sungat Arynov2014-10-23 13:58:49
Sungat Arynov, 2014-10-23 13:58:49

Ajax search service on the site?

I remember on Habré there were a couple of articles on a service that indexed the site and gave an ajax search form that could be placed on the site.
The advantages were images in the search and its ajax at the time.

Maybe someone will remind me the coordinates of this service?
I will be very grateful.

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Rad1calDreamer, 2014-10-23

habrahabr.ru/hub/sphinx is this?

Alexander S, 2014-10-23

Perhaps we are talking about the Google AJAX Search API. Allowed you to search for pictures, articles, images, videos from your site. Very old articles from the Google AJAX Search API . Now as you can see the Google Web Search API is (Deprecated) depricated .

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