Alex Kova2019-03-29 10:22:33
Alex Kova, 2019-03-29 10:22:33

Ajax search in php file on server without DB?

There is an ordinary made-up page, there is no Database.
It is necessary in the search bar that the user starts typing the name of the course and he is given a link to the course data, what is found!
For example, "English" and "English for adults", "English for children" already falls out.
On the server, there are just a list of links in some php document.

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Adamos, 2019-03-29

Take "some kind of PHP document", rip out "link - title" pairs from it.
Export this data to a json file.
In PHP, load this file and build a list from it.
At the front, you fasten autocomplete, using the same json file as a data source.

JohnnyMnemonik, 2019-03-30

Like this for example

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