alex5e2014-04-02 01:20:27
alex5e, 2014-04-02 01:20:27

Ajax request to vk API in yii controller - what's the problem?

I am doing an ajax request to post to a group in VK. The entry is published, but the post_id does not return.

public function actionVip()
$message = "тестовая запись";
            <script type="text/javascript">
                url: "https://api.vk.com/method/wall.post?owner_id=-69173875&from_group=1&message=<?php echo(urldecode($message)); ?>&access_token=$token&v=3.0",
              //dataType: "json",
              type: "POST",
              success: function (data){
                  var result = jQuery.parseJSON(data); 
                        alert('Сообщение отправлено! ID сообщения: ' + result.post_id);
                           alert('Ошибка'+ result.post_id);

            </script> <?php
$this->renderPartial('_ajaxVipValidate', $data="1", false, false);

success is not executed. If success is replaced with complete, then a window is displayed, but result.post_id is undefined. Firebug gives 200 OK. But the answer is empty. What could be the problem? And one more question. Is it possible to make ajax request in a controller action with a response in a more concise way?

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Sergey, 2014-04-02
Protko @Fesor


Kirill Arutyunov, 2014-04-02

PHP brain?
Have you heard of views? What is MVC, do you know?

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