vladimirvlodimir2018-10-11 19:56:05
vladimirvlodimir, 2018-10-11 19:56:05

AJAX problem how to solve?

Good to all
Immediately I apologize for the fact that I raise a well-worn topic. But I am a beginner front-end developer and this is my first test task for work. In a word, you need to get data from the divs, send AJAXom to the database or send it to the mail. And it doesn't come out! An empty array is returned. I searched all the forums and tried everything, it does not work. Here is the working code with the form selects, everything is sent, everything is fine
But it is worth changing the code to this
Or to this
An empty array is returned.

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jobsdata, 2018-10-11

It looks like they won't hire you, since you can't even draw up the code humanly =(

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