magary42016-10-28 11:13:38
magary4, 2016-10-28 11:13:38

Ajax plus rendering on the server via symfony twig?

there is a simple search page

, only when I change the filter - in addition to the search results, one more block needs to be reloaded

{% extends "::" ~ ( app.request.isxmlhttprequest ? "ajax" : "layout" ) ~ ".html.twig" %}
{% block title %}{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
   ...some html
   {% block search %}
       {% for item in items %}
            <div class="row">...</div>
       {% endfor %}
   {% endblock %}

   ...some other html

    {% block someotherinfo %}
    {% endblock %}

{% endblock %}

{% block js %}{% endblock %}

in short, I want to make some kind of hybrid
on the first load, everything is drawn as usual,
when an Ajax request only block-search and block-someotherinfo get into the Ajax layout,
I think how to divide the answer into 2 parts and append it to different places on the page

$.get('url', function(data) {
     // split data to search_results and other
} );

And in general, how much is the right idea?

I don’t want to make 2 different answers for Ajax and without, I want to have one twig template

, I looked at turbolinks - it seems to be fine. if everything is correct, configure js - it will replace everything that is needed, and make twig templates - so that they don’t give away too much

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