Nikolai Mikheev2016-01-13 19:32:50
Nikolai Mikheev, 2016-01-13 19:32:50

ajax not working in safari

There is a form that sends data to the mail using Ajax. In ie, ff, chrome and opera it works fine, but in safari the page just reloads, the letter does not arrive. I don’t use safari, I installed it only to test this script, so I don’t know anything about its jambs. Safari version 5.1.7. Google doesn't really say anything, how to deal with it?
PS How to fasten validation to such form? The browser highlights the required fields, but the email is still sent, even with empty fields.

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Anton Izmailov, 2016-01-13

Actually, version 5 is like IE6-7, well, it doesn’t work, but no one uses this junk either.

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