alexfrolov_xcx2017-08-10 18:51:39
alexfrolov_xcx, 2017-08-10 18:51:39

ajax not working in modx?

Hello! when you click on the button to load more, such an error is displayed in the console .... how to fix it so that it loads ??? HELP? error and code below:c25fb165f9fc488d8cd8a8d1d8acfc7f.pngb57ea084016b44e89caff6711c287825.png

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Andrey Zubkov, 2017-08-10

The error is not modx, but CORS. How to get rid read here
PS And the point is that the site at www.site.ru has no right to request from site.ru (without www) Made for security purposes.

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