Alibek Kulseitov2015-06-19 08:54:34
Alibek Kulseitov, 2015-06-19 08:54:34

Ajax loading blocks on button click?

There are 16 testimonials on the site, each testimonial takes up 100% of the width of the container.
and now we have presented how long all the reviews will be?)
How to make it so that a maximum of 5 reviews are displayed and below the reviews there is a "show more" button.
By pressing it, 5 more were loaded.
Well, like something like that =)

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Dmitry Shinkar, 2015-06-19

I think it is possible to implement without Ajax, for one look how they did it in contact.

arab789, 2015-06-19

You can make them initially hidden, and by clicking on the button - show them.

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