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Breeze1, 2018-01-18 20:19:34

Ajax loading?

Tell me, there are for example 100 photo reports. On the page, 4 is displayed, the rest should be loaded via ajax by clicking on the button. The client asks to do this on the layout side. My question is, is this real? It seemed to me that these photo reports would be taken from the database on the Bitrix side and loaded via ajax? I am wrong ?

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Michael R., 2018-01-18

Click on the button >
ajax send a request to the server to the php script >
php script fetches data from the database and sends it in the specified format to ajax >
ajax receives and displays the received data on the page...

Danil Razumkov, 2018-01-18

I would just send the number of the last photo report and wait for others to come, and then follow the same pattern.

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