Alena2015-11-02 23:09:35
Alena, 2015-11-02 23:09:35

Ajax in a project - the domain of a layout designer or a programmer?

Good afternoon! The question is not at all technical, but to some extent ethical, so to speak.

I am a layout designer, that is, I do my part of the work (markup, styles, dynamic elements) and usually pass it on, where the layout is already stretched on the CMS. Quite often, there are moments in projects where you need to use ajax (for example, this is a store filter that gives the result on the fly). The programmer, that is, the person who makes a stretch on the CMS and everything else, claims that ajax should be implemented by me, the layout designer. I, honestly, have no idea how I can do this, not knowing which requests to send where and what they will return (after all, this is still an area of ​​CMS work that I do not come into contact with in the project).

What is the actual question: how reasonable are such requirements of the programmer and who, after all, in the right way, should do this? I always thought that everything related to ajax when developing a site is already done by a person who directly works with the CMS. I was wrong? I would just like to hear opinions and somehow clarify this point for myself.

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Denis Ineshin, 2015-11-02

This is the job of a front-end developer. Roughly speaking, front-enders are those guys who, in addition to HTML + CSS, are also good at JS (and everything related to it, including Ajax). There are practically no typesetters left in their pure form, and it's time for you to stop thinking about yourself that way. Learn JavaScript and jQuery, it will help a lot in your work (and ajax is very easy with jQuery ).
Just keep in mind the following, everything on the client in the browser is the frontend, everything on the server is the backend. And now the question is, why does that programmer have to climb into your area of ​​​​competence, on the client, to make the client part of his Ajax request?)

Nazar Mokrinsky, 2015-11-02

Depends on the project. If you are not given a specification for the API and data structures, then it is none of your business, but if they do, then it is yours. Even without programming, if you have an api/articles request, then you can create an api folder with the articles file, where the JSON will lie, as if it was returned by the real service API.

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