Alexander Medvedev2017-05-24 23:35:08
Alexander Medvedev, 2017-05-24 23:35:08

Ajax filter by tv on modx rev?

Good day. There is a need to do simple filtering by checkboxes on modx rev.
Since at the moment I am not familiar with php, and unfortunately there is no time to figure it out, I began to implement this filter according to the lesson "webdesign master ajax modx filter". But the author did not take into account that there can be several checkboxes... Subsequently, only one category can be displayed at a time... Which is absolutely not suitable for me. I would be very grateful if you could help me improve the code from this lesson, so that the filter could process several checkboxes at once. Or suggest a more elegant implementation)

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Froggyweb, 2017-05-25

There are 2 solutions tagmanager2 and mfilter2 (paid but very flexible)

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