Dmitry Nabozhev2016-11-03 16:00:14
Dmitry Nabozhev, 2016-11-03 16:00:14

Ajax cart not showing on iPhone, what's the problem?

There is a site on the test host mbshop.ru.xsph.ru
Joomla + virtuemart + cart module mod_ajax_dockcart
Ajax cart is loaded on it at the bottom center (on mobile, bottom right), it works everywhere, but the client says that it doesn’t work on iPhone 6, that is is not displayed at all, but on the product page, instead of adding a product, it immediately transfers it to the basket with this product. What could be the problem?

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Lumore, 2016-11-03

The problem is in the plugin itself, on iPhone 6 there is no "#dockcart" DOM ​​element. Check mobile support. devices on the site where you downloaded it.

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