SoloMidPlzD2016-03-15 23:35:21
Search Engine Optimization
SoloMidPlzD, 2016-03-15 23:35:21

Ajax and google ranking, Alexa, adsense?

I am doing a web project, and I want to know if Ajax adding to favorites, comment posting has a big effect on SEO, rating, etc.?
Alexa Ranking has a page/user metric.

This suggests that it is better to abandon Ajax so that the site goes to the top.

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nirvimel, 2016-03-16

The main thing is that the main text content that needs to be indexed goes immediately in the body of the page without any AJAX, so that the robot can get it from the parsed page. Any pictures and other elements that are not subject to indexing can be loaded using scripts, AJAX and any other technologies, this does not affect anything.
There is only one important exception: If scripts, after loading, change the appearance of the page so that the original text (which is fed to the robot) is deleted or becomes invisible to the user (for example, a very small font), then search engines can severely punish for this: from putting it at the end of sorting by relevance (until you never scroll) to complete exclusion from the index.

semki096, 2016-03-16

It depends on the type of site, for example, it happens that it is impossible without Ajax. It is more comfortable for a client to communicate with Ajax, therefore, for example, it is actively used in social networks. Yes, and in the comments, too, can often be seen.

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