Intenditore2020-08-05 07:20:07
Intenditore, 2020-08-05 07:20:07

AirPlay whistle for TV?

The task is simple - there is an FHD TV with HDMI, you need to broadcast the screen from your phone / tablet, movies, music, etc. to it as simply as possible.
Preferably HDMI-powered, maintenance-free (so you don't have to run and switch modes to connect Android, for example).
And the most inexpensive.

And there seems to be a choice of such devices, Miracast, Mirascreen, Chromecast, a bunch of their clones. But this makes it even more difficult to choose, because there are no sensible reviews on them.

What is worth looking at within the framework of up to 2k?

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Dmitry Roo, 2020-08-05

Chromecast - insert and work. No problem. (USB powered)

chakaponi, 2020-08-05

Forget about AirPlay, only a limited number of devices work with it, so you won't get it just like that. For simple broadcasting, there is ChromeCast

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