Alexey2013-11-08 11:13:47
Apple AirPlay
Alexey, 2013-11-08 11:13:47

AirPlay stuttering?

AirPort Express + MacBook Air, you start downloading something at a speed of more than 2-3 megabytes per second - the music starts to stutter, if you download torrents - it dies altogether. The latest firmware.
Connected at a frequency of 5 GHz, speed 300 Mbps.
What can be done with it?

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Diam0n, 2013-11-08

Obviously, there is a problem with the network,
Scan the air, perhaps the neighbors on the same channel have a distribution, although 5GHz should be enough.
Or maybe the airport itself can't handle the sound load + hundreds of torrent connections

MAC_MAD_HEAD, 2013-11-08

Try in terminal: "sudo pkill coreaudiod". For me, this heals the “fell off” AirPlay and once helped with stuttering.

dsd_corp, 2013-11-09

Which MacBook Air and which AirPort Express do you have?
In general, we recently encountered such a problem: AirPlay on ATV2 shut up when trying to play a movie not through iTunes, but through screen mirroring. And all this through the new AirPort Express, which looks like an ATV, only white. At the same time, there are no problems on the ancient G-standard router. We connected ATV3 through a new router - also without problems. With "audio only" we did not check, but I suspect it would be the same.
It turned out that ATV2 only supports the N standard in the Draft revision, while ATV3 and AirPort Express are no longer a draft, but an approved standard. Hence, some kind of rake with compatibility - in general, there seems to be a speed close to 300 Mbit / s, but in practice, when streaming something, some periodic “sticking” occurs, possibly due to poor compatibility there are some in the channel - something retrains occur, well, or something like that. As a result, there were two exits - limit AP to A + B + G standards (excluding N), or buy ATV3. The second one was done.
In short, I’m all for what - if you have hardware of different generations (MBA is relatively old, and APE is new, or vice versa), and is combined in such a way that you get a bunch of N + N (Draft), then perhaps the legs of your problem are from here and grow.
PS Just in case, try to exclude the N-standard on AirPort and see how it will work on G. It doesn't seem to be long, but it will already give some food for further thought.

Alexey, 2013-11-09

MacBook Air is the latest Mid'13 with Mac OS X 10.9, AirPort Express bought a few days ago, it also updated the firmware at the first start (version 7.6.4).
It pulled me to check the playback through iTunes, it doesn’t stutter and doesn’t shut up ALMOST (i.e. much less) when the torrent is at full steam ... before that, the music played from the browser (streaming radio, apparently a flash player) and with the torrent already nothing worked.
What conclusions to draw - I do not know ...

MAC_MAD_HEAD, 2013-11-11

Sorry, I missed it and left the answer in the comments.

nothing1nk, 2016-02-16

So nothing has been decided? I have the same problems

Max, 2017-11-15

Try to put out AirDrop

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