kastigar2012-06-30 10:56:55
kastigar, 2012-06-30 10:56:55

AirPlay or equivalent for Linux/XBMC?

There are netbooks with linux, there is a nettop with XBMC on Linux connected to the TV.
I would like to be able to stream video on TV directly from the netbook. Mostly from the browser (youtube, vimeo etc).
I know that XBMC supports AirPlay, but I have not found whether it is possible to turn a netbook with linux into an AirPlay streamer. More precisely, PulseAudio can become a streamer, but this only applies to audio.
Maybe there are analogues of AirPlay?
It is not so much the stream on TV that is important, but the ability to make XBMC play the video of interest easily and quickly.

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StalkerPM, 2012-06-30

There is a plug-in for XMBC and it's called AirPlay, I installed it myself before, but I can't find the link right now.
There is only one problem through this AirPlay will not be able to stream protected (purchased) content.

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