AlexBlessRNG2021-08-29 21:23:40
AlexBlessRNG, 2021-08-29 21:23:40

airmon-ng does not have Wlan0. How to fix?

airmon-ng does not have Wlan0. How to fix?

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Saboteur, 2021-08-29

The question is what should be learned basic Linux skills, namely what is an interface and how to view the list of interfaces in the current system.

Igor Gafarchik, 2021-08-30

Your Linux does not see the network adapter. The reason for this may be an incorrectly configured virtual machine or a dead adapter. If you created a virtual machine on a laptop, then the network adapter of the laptop will not be displayed, for this you need to either install an axis, or live linux mode, or a third-party adapter.

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