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Worlding, 2020-02-25 12:50:26

AirDrop analog to link Linux laptop and Android smartphone?

Interested in transferring files from an Android smartphone to a Linux laptop without an Internet connection. Like in AirDrop.
I found BitTorrent Synk in the search, but there is no package for Linux on the off site and, as I understand it, it requires an Internet connection. There is SnapDrop , but you need the Internet there.

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Vadim Priluzkiy, 2020-02-25

Not an airdrop, but there is such a thing as KDE Connect (It seems that it was even torn off from its native sneakers, so that it could run under any shell) In addition to transferring files over the air, it can do a bunch of other things. Notifications from phone to computer and from computer to phone. Clipboard sharing, music player control from your phone, and presentation control. Reading and writing SMS from a computer, and much, much more.

pfg21, 2020-02-25

bittorent sync renamed to recilio sync. there are packages for both Linux and Apple and Android and a bunch of nas-piece of iron and everything else.
data exchange goes through TCP/IP (Internet if it's easier for you to understand). you go into the home WiFi zone and everything is ok.
if you don’t want to “internet” or you don’t have access to the global network at your side, then you organize a WiF network on your phone or computer and connect to it through another device. it turns out an IP connection without access to the tyrnet.
in sync, the search mode on the local network must be enabled for communication.

Vitaliy K, 2020-02-26

Take a look at Dukto .

Dukto is used to transfer files from one computer (or other device) to another without additional configuration, regardless of operating systems, clients, servers, and so on. Simply install and run Dukto on two PCs or mobile devices and transfer files and folders by dragging and dropping onto this window.

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