candybooberr2017-03-31 01:14:03
candybooberr, 2017-03-31 01:14:03

Aiohttp or Tornado?

Good day.
I do not expect any subjective answer, the question may be holistic, but nonetheless.
I'm trying to choose a framework for the current project.
Helloworld looks the same on both.
Classic View, routing, nothing remarkable, but scarce ecosystems confuse.
Even though tornado looks older, aiohttp seems to have even more plugins like aiohttp_session, auth, etc. look more coherent.
Maybe someone has more experience with these technologies, or I'm looking in the wrong place for third-party packages.
I thought about switching to nodejs / sails / express, as I see that asynchronous python has just begun to develop.
I look forward to your comments, directions, advice.
Thanks in advance for your responsiveness.

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dvska, 2017-04-06

You can feel Flask+Gevent.
In general, describe why you need asynchronous?
Banal Django not satisfied?

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