Skrayvee2021-07-14 16:50:01
Skrayvee, 2021-07-14 16:50:01

[AIOGRAM] How to make an infinite class with state?

I need to make a randomizer that will take the n-th number of values ​​from the user, and then choose one of them (Roulette without animation). I know how to make the selection of one of the elements itself, but how to make an infinite receipt of values ​​from the user?

class Choice(StatesGroup):
  choice = State()

global add_1
add_1 = 1

As you can see, there is a variable "add_1". I had this idea: When a person enters a value, a new State is created with the name +1, ie:
And save after typing (Keyboard) "Done"

Do you have any other options for getting input from the user? If not, how to implement what I described above?

Thanks in advance

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Alan Gibizov, 2021-07-15

To accumulate input results, it is convenient to use lists. Learn how to work with lists, loops, iterators and don't reinvent the wheel.
As a last resort, look at github for how other people solve similar problems.
And leave the bots alone. It's too complicated for beginners.

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