v1z2010-09-20 13:26:39
v1z, 2010-09-20 13:26:39

AIMP + Last.fm

is it possible in Aimp 2.61 to synchronize with Last.fm without installing the lastfma program?

I had a plugin in Winamp, and I didn’t have to install anything. But because of the brakes, I decided to install aimp - and now it remains only to solve the problem with the last fm.

I tried this very plug-in from winamp, it cuts in and connects, but does not see the playing track.

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Anton Spirin, 2010-09-20

Have you read this thread?
I haven't tried it myself! So it might not work.

Gleb Severov, 2010-09-20

The new AIMPs have a built-in plugin. You don't need to install anything else. In the settings, you need to find "Audio Streaming". There you can activate it and change the folder where it is recorded.

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