LpsoldierMike2016-01-21 13:31:40
Neural networks
LpsoldierMike, 2016-01-21 13:31:40

AI, where to start?

The fact is that I have in my head, a certain project, which, in my deep conviction (or maybe I just want to) can be implemented by neural networks. In any case, I want to understand if this is true, even if not, AI interests me.
Since I understand only the very, very basic theory about NN and in AI in general. I would like to ask what to read?
I mean, a good book, technical, not a review for general consumption.
Are there any video tutorials? This is also not bad, but I want to start a detailed acquaintance with the book.
I will be glad to your suggestions)

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Vladimir Martyanov, 2016-01-21

Start by learning how to program in any modern language. Then there will be specific questions to which specific answers can be given.

polyhedron, 2016-01-21

You are misidentifying AI with neural networks. Neural networks have a wide range of applications in which they are applied with great and not so great success. But they do not exhaust the entire field of AI. I would recommend reading this book to master the basic theory and approaches.

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