Vladislav2019-03-07 10:55:15
reverse engineering
Vladislav, 2019-03-07 10:55:15

AI to solve Morse code?

It is necessary to solve the task from the quest. Tell. Maybe someone saw some programs for solving Morse code? So that he selects words according to the dictionary, so that a conveniently readable text is obtained.
And then such a code without division into characters is not solved

-..-----..---.----.---.------.....--..-........--- -....---.-----...---....-..

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Egor Kazantsev, 2019-03-07

The code is not correct, it should be with pauses between letters.
And in this case, try to select from "long" letters to short ones and forget about AI

devalone, 2019-03-07

IMHO, the usual brute force will do

Alexander Skusnov, 2019-03-07

Stepik's course "Haskell, part 2" section
1.4. If you use the parser (list of pairs) as the Alternative class, then all possible parsing options will be offered.
By the way, without spaces it makes little sense to convert.
UPDATE. Confused with Alternative, it implements the First principle (the first is non-zero).

Denis Fedorets, 2019-03-07

Interesting. Although not a vital task. In reality, Morse code does not occur without gaps, I speak as a former commander of warhead communications and a former teacher of this whole business.

Konstantin Tsvetkov, 2019-03-07

Start with Enigma . Then move on to cryptanalysis .

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