tmkbl2021-07-07 17:43:33
tmkbl, 2021-07-07 17:43:33

AHT10 temperature and humidity sensor dead?

The AHT10 sensor came from alik. It is fairly new and little known, but it is said to be accurate.
So I connected it to Wemos D1 mini - it didn't work out. The I2C scanner does not see it at all. And I swapped SCL and SDA, and changed the supply voltage (3.3 and 5 volts). No way. The other BMP280 sensor works great, but this one doesn't. Moreover, this AHT10 for some reason did not have a metal casing on the sensor itself.
He's stillborn, right? Or is there something else you can try?

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lonelymyp, 2021-07-16

The case is a protection of the insides, there are thin wires inside that connect the parts of the sensor.
If there is no case, it broke off somewhere along the way, open a dispute.

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