Dirazz2016-02-11 08:44:41
Dirazz, 2016-02-11 08:44:41

AHK AutoHotKey redirect right shift to left shift?

Help redirect right shift to left shift in ahk. It is necessary to play SAMP, when you bet on roulettes in a casino, you always need to press LShift, it is more convenient for me to press the right one. How to drive into the script correctly?

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hazestalker, 2018-07-28

The code RShift::LShiftgives:

A1  136	h	d	1.01	RShift
A0  02A	i	d	0.00	LShift
A1  136	h	u	0.17	RShift
A0  02A	i	u	0.00	LShift
h=Hook Hotkey, i=Ignored because it was generated by an AHK script

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