Alexander 1122016-05-31 16:11:04
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Alexander 112, 2016-05-31 16:11:04

AGS - causes, consequences and life after. Can you help?

Bought a vacated domain with a bad history. The previous site with this domain under AGS since the end of 2014. There are many links to the domain from sites with free hosting, more like spam. Links cannot be removed, due to the lack of administrator data for permanently placed pages of sites (such as on narod.ru), since they are completely abandoned. Currently, the new site has only one main page, but in terms of content, it is of high quality. The theme of the site has been preserved, but I basically don’t need the former published shitty content and have been deleted forever.
Here are the actual questions.
1. Can AGS be due to bad domain links? Note that there are no external links from the new site at all.
2. How to deal with bad links to a site in Yandex? With Google, it's clear - send a list of links through the webmaster panel so that they are not taken into account.
3. Will the past location under the ACS of the site be taken into account after its removal in further development?
It is clear that it is easier to upload content to a site with a new domain, but this would be very undesirable because of the very suitable and ideal occurrence of the key in the domain name.
Thanks in advance for any examples and advice.

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myfirepukan, 2016-05-31

Can you?
It’s worth starting with this, everyone doesn’t care if the key enters your domain, I don’t have a key in the domain on any site and nothing, 3, 10, 14, 50 thousand people go a day.
Officially, Yandex does not ban for external links, unless it considers that you bought them.
Improve the site from the inside and one day a positive internal effect will improve a negative external one. You can write to Plato, maybe it will work.
Look at this graph of traffic from Yandex and tell me what can be predicted with this behavior of the search engine? I have a feeling that they themselves do not know whether they will or not, but you ask us)

Vladimir Kiper, 2016-06-02

The key in the domain matters to Google's PS and especially to Bing. Sometimes under Google this gives a good ranking advantage. But in the English-speaking segment, an EMD filter can be applied for this, so I don’t advise much spamming in the domain. As for Yandex, take a look at prntscr.com/bbhe9b for yourself . If this factor were absolutely not important for Yandex, it would not highlight the key in the domain when generating the snippet. This PS has more than 700 ranking factors, as far as I remember, and I believe that one of them is a direct entry of the key into the domain.

Alexander 112, 2016-05-31

Thank you for such a clear and detailed answer!
But it would be desirable to specify on the domain.
Let's say I sell blue slippers in different brands, sizes, and so on. So in my case, the domain is sinietapki.ru - Still not worth the candle?
I want to understand what is the share of the influence of the key in the domain name, compared to the correct content of the pages?

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