2021-02-11 12:07:03
Google Ads
, 2021-02-11 12:07:03

Agreement on google ads?

let's say there are 2 companies that provide the same service and are serviced by one person (on the web),
they are fighting for first place in the top and, of course, the cost per click is growing, which is not profitable for both companies. Let's say companies agree not to raise CPCs above a certain limit. how to make it so that at the same cost per click they are shown in places 1 and 2 alternately, or does it happen automatically?

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Danny Arty, 2021-02-11

It's not just the estimated bid that affects impressions above search results.
Parameters such as ad quality, maximum CPC bid, and landing page relevance are also important here.
So it’s not a fact that these two sites will be in the first positions in turn and in general strictly

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