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SteepNET, 2020-02-13 17:07:32

AGI to outgoing route?

Good afternoon!
FreePBX 14
The task is to embed a script into the outgoing AGI route php that logs all outgoing calls with all the information.

Thus I do with incoming routes in extensions_override_freepbx.conf created [ext-group] and [ext-queues] in which I successfully embed my AGI script.

But stuck on outgoing routes, what context can I use for this?
I tried [macro-dialout-trunk] [macro-hangupcall] the result is controversial, in some cases the information is not written in some cases it is duplicated.. I embed exten => h,n,AGI(


There is nothing unusual in the script itself, all of the articles...

Please advice?!

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Andrey Barbolin, 2020-02-14

exten => h,n,AGI(agi.php,${ANSWEREDTIME},${DIALSTATUS})
When making an outgoing call, this construction will work if subscriber "B" hangs up first. If subscriber "A" hangs up first, then the channel is closed and the dialplan asterisk does not reach this point at all.
The second recommendation is to use timeouts in the script so that it does not hang in memory for any reason.
To get around this, it's better to use a handler.

Viktor, 2020-02-13


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