bro-dev02018-04-30 04:59:42
bro-dev0, 2018-04-30 04:59:42

Aggressive collection of information about the user through browser js?

Aggressive collection of information about the user through browser js? Are there any free ready-made scripts for collecting social media data?
There are paid ones showing where the visitor is registered, I know that search engines ban for this, but the page is technical.

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xmoonlight, 2018-04-30

Collecting information is only for trolling the target audience to buy your product (Or not?!)
No need to waste time on those who came just to troll you.
How I do it:
I hang up a brief purpose of the product and the text:
"We sell only to those who need it. To everyone else, please do not disturb.
If you are interested and you really need it, fill out the following form fields:"
and then a form with 2 fields and "No Questions" button.
Everything else - nah did not give up!
The task is not to collect useless information, but to immediately get ADEQUATE TARGET customers who will buy your REALLY NEEDED PRODUCT / SERVICE with a probability of more than 80%!
(Or am I confusing something?!)
PS: I'm not interested in him at all: name, nickname, gender, age, friends and number of fins, if he suddenly is a penguin) Bought it? Fine! -> I'm in profit!

kuzvac, 2018-05-10

https://github.com/Valve/fingerprintjs2 then you can continue to do what you need.

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