la02013-07-24 12:35:05
la0, 2013-07-24 12:35:05

Agave lies?

Good afternoon everyone.
At the moment, all servers in the agave DC are unavailable.
It looks like a routing problem, since the problems start long before the approach.
Is this the case for everyone or just a part of the Internet?
UP: 15:20 Moscow time everything has risen.
PS Officially , chocolate is poured vertically on one stick, and top to bottom on the second “We have two channels: one is a beeline, and the second is a vimpelcom”

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Sergey, 2013-07-24

Screwed up with BGP.
Watch cartoon
image .

Sergey Gureev, 2013-07-24

"There is an urgent need to work on the routing equipment."

Maxim, 2013-07-24

I confirm the problem, the whole DC is not visible from the outside. I don’t know the reasons yet, given that everything is in general, it doesn’t make much sense to call them =)

Denis Nikitin, 2013-07-24

Apparently, yes, we have a server there that is also unavailable. SPB, beeline.

Dmitry Startsev, 2013-07-24

By the way, some sites are available. For example, (buhiko.ru) is pinged

Manizhe, 2013-07-25

I managed to get through to Agava, there were problems with the communication equipment, but, in principle, they fixed it quickly. Everything was working yesterday.

Dmitry Startsev, 2013-08-01

Agave lies again (

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