Anonimmus2020-12-03 18:32:38
Anonimmus, 2020-12-03 18:32:38

Again the bootstrap flew, how to solve the problem?

the site in the mobile version dev-shop.stebnev.ru/o-kompanii
ceased to function, 5fc904c4cae8c992846540.png
that is, by clicking on the buttons, the catalog and services, according to the idea, should have turned around, was engaged in adaptive and did not notice how it stopped working. Please, help

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webmonov, 2020-12-03

You don't have the show class attached to the dropdown and dropdown-menu elements when the dropdown is clicked. If you set the show class, the list will be displayed for the element with the dropdown-menu class.
Maybe it's in the connected js libraries

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