Nurali Sovetov2020-09-27 19:26:45
IT education
Nurali Sovetov, 2020-09-27 19:26:45

After which class do you leave?

I'm in the 9th grade now and I'm wondering after what grade I should go to become a cyber security programmer.

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Nikita Mikhailov, 2020-09-27

There is not much difference here. College and institute is just a set of basic knowledge that will not make you a full-fledged specialist (as a graduate in information security I can say this), but they will lay a good foundation.
You can go to an information college after grade 9, for example, to study administration or ASOIiU. There they will give the basics of programming, mathematics, networks. These are all good things. After that, look for a specialized institute

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