Areso2019-10-01 23:26:57
Web development
Areso, 2019-10-01 23:26:57

After what size can a one-pager (SPA) be considered large?

For some time I have been developing a game on html5 as a hobby and I had a question - after how many lines of business logic can a SPA be called big? Or difficult?
It seems to me that front-end developers have some kind of criteria and metrics for evaluating a SPA in order to evaluate whether the project is large, medium or small? Simple or complex?

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OnYourLips, 2019-10-02

I would call it medium at 6 man-months and difficult at 20 man-years.
Approximately on these borders different approaches are used.
What is the total number of lines?

Makssof, 2019-10-02

The usual heap paradox

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