BonBon Slick2020-01-03 08:02:28
BonBon Slick, 2020-01-03 08:02:28

After upgrade all configs and plugins were removed, why?

Debian 9, did apt update + upgrade and went ahead, ran PhpStorm 2019 today, shortcut is broken. For some reason, 2018 is installed, all configs and packages are removed. PhpStorm 2019 didn't exist.
whereis phpstorm 2019 finds - nothing. Only 2018 which was deleted a year ago.
It's all right if the plugins are preserved, because. there were several dozen and it is unrealistic to remember them. set a year + ago as well as a bunch of custom configs.
If I understand correctly, the upgrade command did a downgrade phpstorm, overwriting all the old files...
If anyone had this, you need to create a ticket, to know exactly why the downgrade happened and the folder was overwritten.
All that's left is a broken icon that points to unknown locaiton.
Is there any way to restore the config files or package list?

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neol, 2020-01-03

Configs and plugins are in theory located in the home directory and apt should not go there.
will list directories from different versions of PhpStorm

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