Roman Vasilenko2012-10-26 15:26:04
Roman Vasilenko, 2012-10-26 15:26:04

After updating Ubuntu on Hetzner, the console is no longer displayed correctly. Why?

I mean the console launched from robot.your-server.de
In support, my question was answered:
Dear Sir,
this problem is caused by the update of your server. A new installation of ubuntu 12.04 works good.
I do not know which setting is responsible for this.
What needs to be done to make the console work again?
Thank you.

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Ergil Osin, 2012-10-26

Please show us, first
cat /etc/init/tty1.conf
we'll see, then we'll think further

@greynix, 2012-10-26

Maybe I'll ask stupidity, but check with you by chance X-sy did not start? It seems that he is trying to display graphics. And what else is in grub.conf menu.lst?

Roman Vasilenko, 2012-10-26

/etc/init/console.conf is identical to paste.ubuntu.com/1307162/
/etc/init/console-setup.conf is identical to paste.ubuntu.com/1307165/

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