Koby2021-11-11 11:24:27
Koby, 2021-11-11 11:24:27

After updating to OS Monterey, the MacBook Pro began to get very hot, even with the screen closed. What to do?

After updating the new axis, the poppy began to get very hot. When you turn off the laptop itself, it is not going to cool down. During this, no serious processes are running. Therefore, in the morning I can find the laptop hot, if not connected to charging, then at the minimum charge.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Can roll back to a more or less adequate BigSyur?

MacBook Pro 16, 19 on i9.

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Ronald McDonald, 2021-11-11

Hmm, strange, I have the same leg and it doesn't hurt.
I think it will pass.
Just in case, try to go to Settings -> Battery and turn off Power Nap in the "Battery" and "Network adapter" sections.

joinqwerty, 2021-11-16

Do a reset of the SMC and more. How to do this you need to google.
At MBP 15 2018, it didn’t get any worse after Monterey.

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