Ivan Melnikov2020-02-27 15:37:34
Ivan Melnikov, 2020-02-27 15:37:34

After updating MySQL from 8.0.13 to 8.0.15, the MySQL server stopped starting. What is the problem?

Contents of Error Log:
2020-02-25T05:50:42.585006Z 0 [System] [MY-010910] [Server] C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin\mysqld.exe: Shutdown complete (mysqld 8.0. 15) MySQL Community Server - GPL.
2020-02-26T04:32:52.094530Z 0 [Warning] [MY-010915] [Server] 'NO_ZERO_DATE', 'NO_ZERO_IN_DATE' and 'ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO' sql modes should be used with strict mode. They will be merged with strict mode in a future release.
2020-02-26T04:32:52.094704Z 0 [System] [MY-010116] [Server] C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin\mysqld.exe (mysqld 8.0.15) starting as process 1384
2020 -02-26T04:32:59.626548Z1 [ERROR] [MY-013178] [Server] Execution of server-side SQL statement 'INSERT INTO routines SELECT * FROM mysql.routines' failed with error code = 1265, error message = 'Data truncated for column 'sql_mode' at row 55'.
2020-02-26T04:32:59.770278Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-010020] [Server] Data Dictionary initialization failed.
2020-02-26T04:32:59.782625Z 0 [ERROR] [MY-010119] [Server] Aborting

The following sql_mode is set in my.ini:

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Ivan Melnikov, 2020-03-29

The problem was solved by updating to version 8.0.19.

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