lagudal2020-11-20 12:03:59
lagudal, 2020-11-20 12:03:59

After updating MacOS to Big Sur, nginx doesn't work on port 80. Why?

Macbook working, upgraded from Catalina to Bis Sur. Installed local server nginx php-fpm mariadb, installed via brew. After updating the system, nginx refuses to work on port 80. The services are all running, but it is clear that ngnix is ​​not working on port 80, there are no logs at all. It works on other ports, but it's also strange: only if the nginx service is started as root. If from the default user - does not work. At the same time, if port 80 is specified in the config, then the nginx-a logs are clean, but if I try to run, for example, on 8080 from a normal user, then there are errors related to access rights in the logs. Firewall is disabled in system settings. On Catalina, everything worked like clockwork, I don’t understand at all which way to dig. I carefully studied all the recommendations in Google and on CO, nothing helps. I will provide any logs, configs, command outputs, if necessary. I suppose the nginx configs are in order, otherwise it would not work on other ports either. It feels like something has been added to the system that is blocking port 80. While I work on 8080 as a root. Any ideas?

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daffix, 2021-06-05

in order for nginx to work on port 80, it needs root permissions
sudo brew services start nginx
or change the port to another one, configure port forwarding accordingly from the outside

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