Dmitry2013-08-15 11:39:10
Dmitry, 2013-08-15 11:39:10

After updating error 0x0000005?

Sutra from a win7 colleague tried to install updates, now when starting any application (even IE) it throws error 0x0000005
The update was strange, the computer went to update when it was turned on, suddenly the update was interrupted (it was canceled) and the PC rebooted. After the reboot, when turned on, I again went to update and interrupted again, and so three times, then the Windows loaded.
Bottom line: no application starts.
Everything would be fine, but literally five minutes ago, the second colleague had the same thing happen one to one.
What is it? Crooked Windows update?

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SergeyGrigorev, 2013-08-15

Issue about this recent update?

Alexander Borisovich, 2013-08-16

The same goes for a penny. Installed win8

Pavel Voronyuk, 2013-11-13

They brought a laptop a couple of days ago with the same problem. The solution was found quickly. I advise you to disable updates in the Control Panel altogether.

Fox_fx, 2015-01-14

Removing kb helped me: 2882822

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