Tweedledum2019-07-04 17:02:29
Tweedledum, 2019-07-04 17:02:29

After update to react-scripts 3.0.1 TypeScript error. How to find the reason?

after updating to react-scripts 3.0.1, all tests run in the application, but when I try to run the application (for example, yarn build), the following error occurs:
Failed to compile.
TypeScript error in [internal](undefined,undefined):
Debug Failure. Diagnostic emitted without context TSINTERNAL_ERROR
after some torment, I only found out that it is formed here: node_modules/typescript/lib/typescript.js
my searches have not brought anything intelligible so far

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Tweedledum, 2019-07-05

Not that I solved this problem, but now I figured out how to see what kind of errors in Typescript. After updating the version to react-scripts 3.0.1 and running yarn install, you need to run yarn upgrade, then instead of TypeScript error in [internal](undefined,undefined) a specific error is visible - indicating the file and position in it

miliko mikoyan, 2019-07-04

Try deleting the node_modules.. folder and reinstalling all modules.

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